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Композиция красно-оранжевая

Art. 658
Buy Similar Let's make a similar bouquet! Probably not all the flowers from the composition are in season or in stock now, let's collect a similar one, even cooler. We will agree with you on the replacement after placing the order.

Игриво бокалы звенят
между моими гостями.
Праздник в самом разгаре.
(Lacy Bird)


Bouquet contents: Роза, Пионовидная роза, Диантус (Гвоздика), Эустома (Лизиантус), Книфофия (Книпхофия), Илекс

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We pack bouquets in stylish branded boxes with lids for all weather protection (heat, cold, wind or rain - order a bouquet no matter the weather!). We also include instructions on how to care for a bouquet and a product to prolong the life of flowers.


The fresh flowers from Lacy Bird are delivered in original packaging. Remove the packaging and place the flowers in a vase. We recommend not cutting the ribbon tying the flowers to keep the shape of the bouquet.

Cut 1 cm of the stems at an angle, remove the lower leaves and thorns. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days.

Fill a vase with cold, clean water and add 1/3 of a Cryzal packet. Repeat the procedure every 2-3 days.

To prolong the life of flowers, we recommend placing the bouquet in a cool place, away from sunlight.